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Ev and Etta Robinson, who used to live in the Chamberlains house.
Pictures courtesy of Bill Chamberlain.
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Forrest "Skeet" MacDonald was born in 1900, died in 1992. He was Virginia "Jini" Mac Donald's husband. They lived in what was the Lingley's house, now owned by Marion Breeze. Skeet and Virginia had a daughter, Collie. Skeet was a lobsterman, had the boat named "Poozie", the pet name for his daughter. Marshall Chapman owned the boat for a while but it is now owned by John DeWitt. Skeet was mild mannered, kind, a true gentleman. The Very Reverend Bob DeWitt used to stern for him in his last fishing years. Skeet had one car (1932 Pontiac Coupe), one boat, one house and one wife and took good care of them all.

Photo courtesy of their granddaughter, Heather Dunham. Description courtesy of Harold Van Doren.

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